Conserving Special Places

John Muir Land Trust serves the human and non-human residents of the Northern California counties of Alameda and Contra Costa by conserving land that supports the health and well-being of all. We acquire land and preserve it in perpetuity. We sustainably steward these special places to protect their unique conservation values. We encourage everyone to visit and enjoy our properties as public open space. We promote understanding of the profound relationship between close-to-home nature and human happiness.

Acquiring land is at the heart of everything we do. We identify open spaces throughout Alameda County and Contra Costa County that should be protected in a natural state. We negotiate fair purchase prices and acquire the ownership rights to these lands, often dealing directly with conservation-minded families who have held ranches or farms for generations and want their beloved properties to be preserved so that future generations may delight in them. We maintain these conserved lands by providing low-impact features for public recreation such as trails and signage, all while protecting habitat and the needs of the wild residents.

Our work is made possible by a wide community of dedicated people. We are proud of the fact that we accomplish so much with a small staff. Teams of volunteers help build trails and remove invasive species on the land. Others donate time and essential services to keep our operations running smoothly. Board members guide committees that shape decisions in areas as diverse as finance and land transactions. Everyone helps to spread the word about what we do and get new people involved.

Most importantly, JMLT is funded by people like you. Every dollar received from a private individual donor is leveraged by 3 dollars from other sources such as private foundations, sponsors, and from municipal, state and federal agencies. By saving lands from development, JMLT ensures that special places survive as wildlife habitat, ranches and farms, creeks, streams and shoreline. By opening them to the public and by properly maintaining and stewarding these properties, we see that they are enjoyed by local residents today and preserved forever for the benefit of all future generations.