About Us

Thanks to you, our diverse and generous community of supporters, John Muir Land Trust recently celebrated our 30th anniversary as an organization. We protect the places that make the East Bay special — 3,500 preserved acres of breathtaking natural beauty.

John Muir Land Trust serves the human and non-human residents of the Northern California counties of Alameda and Contra Costa by conserving land that supports the health and well-being of all.

  • By acquiring land and preserving its natural state and habitat value for perpetuity
  • By stewarding the properties we own to maintain, restore, and enhance the unique conservation values of each place
  • By encouraging nature enthusiasts of all ages to experience our properties through recreation, community farming, and outdoor learning experiences
  • And, by promoting environmental awareness and understanding of the profound relationship between close-to-home nature and human happiness.

The next three decades will be among our most challenging ever. The Bay Area welcomes a diverse and expanding population. It is driven by a booming economy. It offers breathtaking natural beauty at our doorsteps. Forecasts call for the population in our two East Bay counties to increase by nearly 800,000 people. That’s about the size of one San Francisco or three Marin counties—just the increase. This means profound changes in the landscape as pressure mounts for more housing, more commercial services, more places of employment, and an expanding transportation footprint.

One implication is clear: land conservation is entering an endgame. What we achieve over the next thirty years will fix the natural landscape of the East Bay for decades after that … in practical terms, forever. The good news is that we can determine that outcome by shaping what future residents of the East Bay will experience. That is both a tremendous opportunity and a huge responsibility. Join us!

The vitality of our open spaces is essential to the health of our earth, air, water and our native plants and animals — and all of us.

Linus Eukel
Executive Director
John Muir Land Trust
formerly Muir Heritage Land Trust