Adam Weidenback

Protecting Land

John Muir Land Trust acquires land to preserve it for the health and well-being of both the human and non-human residents of the counties of Alameda and Contra Costa. Before acquiring a property we undertake a rigorous process of investigation, review, and negotiation. Several criteria are considered: 

  • Where in the East Bay is it located?
  • What are its conservation values?
  • Which plant and animal species will be protected?
  • What are the opportunities for human recreation?
  • What resources will be required to purchase and maintain the property?
  • What are the likely sources of funds?
  • What will happen to the land if JMLT does not intervene? 

After research and negotiation, JMLT enters a purchase agreement with a willing seller to acquire their property for a price that does not exceed the objective appraised value. We look to public agencies and present opportunities that match their funding criteria. At that point we turn to the community — to foundations, sponsors and individual donors — to raise the necessary remaining funds for acquisition. This phase requires the focused collaboration of highly motivated people in the large and growing JMLT community of supporters. We are a determined group, having raised tens of millions of dollars for land acquisition and stewardship since 1989.

We are honored to advance a citizen-led conservation movement that began decades ago. Our region is a place of remarkable natural beauty because foresighted people in the past century imagined it so. The pace is accelerating, and the next thirty years could well be the most important phase in the effort to protect the East Bay’s special places. Please join us!