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We Are Here For You

Wishing You Good Health & Well-Being

We’re all doing our best to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic and an unsettled economy. Everyone on staff at JMLT is deeply grateful for your support, and we feel blessed to be part of the wide community of JMLT volunteers, donors, and outdoor enthusiasts who care so passionately about the restorative power of nature and the importance of having natural places nearby. These are places where we find relief from the stresses of everyday life, places where we feel safe — important even in the very best of times.

Here are some things to keep in mind.

Postponements. We have postponed events that bring groups of people together, including the celebration originally planned for early May to open beautiful Almond Ranch and welcome the addition of West Hills Farm to the John Muir National Historic Site.  We’ll use the extra preparation time to make this event even bigger and better in the near future.

JMLT properties are open.  Please take every precaution to be safe, healthy, and well if you visit them, and indeed, whenever you spend time outside. Note: restrooms and picnic areas are temporarily closed.

Stay current, be sensible. Follow the up-to-date guidance of health experts and public officials. Going out for walks and spending time in nature may be excellent activities for many people, depending on personal circumstances and what proscriptions are in place for your area and situation. Take actions to protect your health and that of others.

Adopt recommended practices. If you go outside, maintain social distancing by staying six or more feet apart, do not congregate in staging or parking areas, and wash hands frequently or use hand sanitizer. If you have allergies, that can mean extra sneezing this time of year. Carry a handkerchief or cough and sneeze into your elbow and not in your hand.  Be extra careful not to touch your eyes, mouth, and nose. Follow the advice of experts regarding the best use of facial masks.

Remember there are common areas everywhere. Carry hand sanitizer with you. You’ll need it out on the trail when you touch that gate latch miles from the nearest soap and water. Gloves might become part of your regular hiking gear. Pack individual water bottles for everyone. Please take garbage home as we’ll be making fewer trips to maintain public parking areas and their waste bins.

Monitor your health. If you’re not feeling well, stay home. That helps to protect yourself and everyone else. Contact your healthcare provider if you experience symptoms such as fever, cough, or difficulty breathing.

Observe all normal rules and regulations.  These are there for your safety and protection at all times.

Stay Connected. We are hosting virtual webinars, special independent activities, and ways to enjoy our open spaces from home. See our calendar or visit Facebook to stay connected. And don’t forget to subscribe to our e-newsletter.

Nature is good medicine for all of us. Please be sensible and take precautions. The staff of JMLT are fortunate in that we have been able to work remotely without a great deal of interruption. We are deeply grateful for your continued support. We’re a small organization with a lean budget. Thank you for not forgetting about us in these tough times.

The JMLT mission reminds us that it is comforting to take the long view. Together we are protecting special places forever. Our work benefits people today, but more importantly, generations to come. The land will always  be there for us, in the best of times and in the worst. Finding time for long walks or just gazing at our scenic hills offers much needed moments of calm, well-being, and grateful reflection that the healing power of nature is so close by.

We sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well.