Your Daily Chocolate – Aug 21: Preserving Beauty with Linus Eukel

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For those of us that live in cities or the suburbs, it’s always so gratifying to see and be able to visit large, picturesque preserved natural areas. Patty’s guest today is someone that works every day to ensure those spaces are kept safe for communities in California’s East Bay area. Linus Eukel is the Executive Director of the John Muir Land Trust. He oversees a budget of 50 million dollars, and the group has now preserved almost 4000 acres of land in the area.

Linus discusses the mission of the trust, the different ways they acquire land, how they are funded, some of the most surprising donations, the importance of preserving these lands permanently, some of his favorite projects he’s worked on, the opportunities that are opened up to the public, including educational opportunities, and what projects are currently underway with John Muir Land Trust.

It’s a fascinating look into a subject that many of us may not even realize the importance of as we go about our daily lives. But it is key in making the places we live more beautiful, livable and enjoyable.

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