John Muir Land Trust Announces Painted Rock Is Saved


May 29, 2019
Contact: Linus Eukel, Executive Director
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Land Trust To Acquire 84-Acre Property In Lamorinda


MARTINEZ, CA — John Muir Land Trust (JMLT, jmlt.org) announces that it will acquire and permanently preserve Painted Rock, the prominent 84-acre hill near the boundary of Moraga and Lafayette, CA. Thousands of local residents made generous donations to The Campaign To Save Painted Rock and are celebrating what will become their newest public open space.

The campaign needed to raise $2 million by a deadline of May 31st. Executive Director of JMLT Linus Eukel reported, “Thanks to the unprecedented and overwhelming support we received, the community put us so close to our $2 million goal that the JMLT Board of Directors authorized this acquisition. We are confident we’ll wrap up the campaign soon.  Painted Rock is loved by this community and this is a huge win for everyone.  We’re thrilled.” To date generous donors in the East Bay have contributed over $1.9 million.

The significance of Painted Rock reaches far beyond its most visible feature—the boulders painted with messages by local students near the intersection of Moraga Road and Rheem Boulevard. The 935-foot summit will anchor a contiguous 505-acre public open space atop these hills that will be a stunning new recreational resource for the community and a protected haven for wildlife. Outdoor enthusiasts of all ages will explore delightful elevated trails that connect to the many low-lying trails nearby. Visitors will see sweeping views of Mount Diablo, Las Trampas Regional Wilderness, and notable peaks and valleys in all directions.

“This outcome would not have been possible without the desire of the owner of the property to see Painted Rock conserved and open to the public,“ added Eukel. “On behalf of everyone in the community, JMLT extends a heartfelt thank you for their generosity and commitment to conservation.”

“As a long-time resident of Moraga, I can attest that the acquisition of Painted Rock creates a new park that will become a community treasure,” said Stephanie Becker, member of the JMLT board of directors. “My husband Damon and I believe it is vitally important for our children to grow up connected to nature, and Painted Rock will be a cherished legacy for all future generations.”

Painted Rock has been under pressure for commercial and housing development for decades. Two new residential developments are in progress on adjacent properties: Palos Colorados is adding 123 new houses and Rancho Laguna II is adding 27 new houses.

Thousands of families made contributions. Said Eukel, “Each and every gift made a huge difference. Donors who can make large contributions want to see broad support before they invest, and that was so evident here. To everyone who has made a gift—thank you!”

About The Moraga Hills Campaign

The Moraga Hills Campaign is the latest phase of John Muir Land Trust’s decades-long effort to protect the most threatened and important properties in the East Bay Hills—a landscape that defines our region’s rich natural heritage. The campaign seeks to protect places totaling hundreds of acres in Lamorinda that will provide critical wildlife corridors, protect native species, preserve clean drinking water, and offer residents spectacular opportunities to experience nature nearby.

About John Muir Land Trust

John Muir Land Trust ( JMLT) protects and cares for open space, ranches, farms, parkland and shoreline in Contra Costa and Alameda Counties. In a generation, John Muir Land Trust has become one of the leading forces for conservation in northern California. With 3,200 acres protected, many beautiful places in the East Bay are permanently preserved for recreation, wildlife habitat and spectacular scenic views. JMLT believes that the vitality of our open spaces is essential to the health of our earth, air, water, native plants and animals — and all of us. jmlt.org