CARES Act 2021 Extension

In response to the current challenges experienced by Americans and American charitable organizations, Congress has extended some of the COVID relief tax changes included in the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act) until December 31, 2021. 

John Muir Land Trust has created this page to offer resources to help you with your tax planning and to offer some ideas for you to consider if you are thinking about making a gift in support of our mission in 2021.  

  • If you do not itemize but make a cash gift to a charity, such as the John Muir Land Trust, you will be allowed to take a special tax deduction, up to $300 ($600 for joint filers), to reduce your tax liability. This deduction is on top of the standard deduction taken by those who do not itemize.
    • This deduction applies only to qualified cash contributions and does not apply to cash contributions made to private foundations or donor-advised funds
  • If you do itemize deductions, an increase in the deduction limit up to 100% of a donor’s annual income for cash gifts (previously, the deduction was capped at 60% of annual income). If you make a gift, you will likely be able to deduct more this year
    • This deduction applies only to qualified cash contributions to a public charity or a limited number of private foundations. 

What does all this mean?

Your charitable donations to John Muir Land Trust may decrease what you pay in federal taxes for 2021. Please consult with your tax advisor about how these provisions may apply to your personal financial situation.

To learn more, please visit the IRS webpage.