John Muir Land Trust manages a stunning array of 13 properties, representing 3,100 acres of classic East Bay hills, ranches, streams and shoreline. Collectively these places offer spectacular views; multi-use trails for walking, hiking, cycling, horses and dogs; productive agriculture; protected drinking water; clean air; and permanently preserved habitat for a wide variety of threatened and endangered plants and animals. East Bay residents benefit from having nearby access to these magnificent open spaces, providing both recreational and educational opportunities that contribute to an enhanced quality of life.

Please learn more by way of the pages below – and by visiting the properties yourself!


Carr Ranch
A pristine 604-acres adjacent to Lamorinda, Carr Ranch provides clean drinking water to thousands of families, essential wildlife habitat for threatened species, and beautiful open space for public enjoyment. It exemplifies the cultural legacy of California cattle ranches.
Fernandez Ranch
A breathtakingly untouched 1,185-acre contrast to densely populated cities nearby, Fernandez Ranch offers stunning views of San Francisco Bay from its ridgetops, and miles of multi-use trails that pass through diverse ecosystems with abundant wildlife.
Acalanes Ridge
The easily accessible summit offers stunning panoramic views of central Contra Costa — a not-to-be-missed highlight of the area’s extensive trail system. The views of nearby Mount Diablo are exceptional.
Sky Ranch
Sky Ranch connects East Bay Regional Park District parklands and preserves the Bay Area Ridge Trail and Contra Costa Feeder Trail #1. These trails meet up with the California Hiking & Riding Trail. Whether hiking, biking or riding, look for deer, fox, coyote, red-tailed hawk and American kestrel.
Dutra Ranch
The Franklin Hills provide an essential wildlife corridor for animals to roam in natural habitat. By acquiring the historic 158-acre Dutra Ranch, JMLT made a critical linkage along the ridge. The historic Dutra Loop Trail provides a glimpse into the past and how the land was used in the late 1800s.
Gustin Ranch
These 80 acres of thick woods and grass-covered hills offer sweeping views of the Carquinez Strait, Mount Diablo and the distant Sierra. This gorgeous property was on the verge of being subdivided when JMLT acquired it in 2002. A total 480 acres of contiguous open space now provide permanent wildlife protection.
Mount Wanda
Once part of John Muir’s landholdings, Mount Wanda is named for his daughter. Reaching the summit rewards you with views of Mount Diablo, Briones Park, the Carquinez Strait and lovely surrounding hills.
Contra Costa Goldfields
In the spring, this 30-acre preserve explodes with color. Shocking-yellow flowers bloom thickly in meadows and freshwater vernal pools along busy Highway 4. One of the last-known stands of Contra Costa goldfields thrives here.
Pacheco Marsh
A tiny percentage of the Bay’s saltwater tidal marshes remain in their natural state. JMLT is restoring this rare 247-acre habitat that is critical to our region’s ecosystem and the health of marine wildlife.
Bodfish Preserve
Margaret Bodfish established a trust so that her Orinda home would become a public park. With dream-like woodlands and paths that connect to nearby trails, the 7-acre preserve is now a beloved community treasure.
JMLT was founded around a kitchen table in 1989 to protect this 150-acre open space from development. A conservation easement protects the land in perpetuity, providing recreational opportunities for families and vital habitat for wildlife.
West Hills Farm
JMLT acquired and donated this 44-acre former fruit farm to the John Muir National Historic Site. Muir himself often walked here with his two daughters, admiring the oak woodlands, bay trees, native shrubs, perennials, and wildflowers that punctuate its grassy hillsides.
Community Gardens
Established in partnership with the City of Martinez, the plots in this popular 4-acre garden allow nearby residents and local elementary school students to exercise their green thumbs as they grow a variety of vegetables, fruits and flowers.
Fernandez Ranch