photo: adam weidenbach

Vote Yes on Proposition 68!

If Proposition 68 passes on the June 8th ballot in California it will be one of the most significant victories for land conservation in years. Across the country similar state and local ballot measures have become the single most important tool for creating essential funding for conservation. This year is California’s turn.

Critically Important

Prop 68 would authorize $4 billion in general obligation bonds for state and local parks, environmental protection and restoration work, and water infrastructure and flood protection projects. JMLT has several projects in our pipeline that would benefit directly.

Much revenue would go to communities with lower median household incomes, and the largest individual allocation—$725 million—would go toward neighborhood parks in park-poor neighborhoods.

Voting yes preserves beautiful natural places, supports wildlife habitat, protects clean drinking water, and gives more people---especially children--- greater access to the outdoors. Spread the word!

More information:

California Secretary of State website