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Contra Costa Times | March 21, 2010

Open Space: Love the land? Donate to help preserve it!

Our open spaces must be treasured or lost.

Dear Gary:

As your readers may already know, we hope to purchase 483 acres of the spectacular Franklin Canyon located between Martinez and Hercules. We must raise the funds by June. And we recently signed an agreement to acquire and protect — by December — more than 20 acres encompassing the highest promontory of open space on Acalanes Ridge, bordering Lafayette and Walnut Creek.

We need to raise $70,000 to help keep us working to complete these and other critical acquisitions. Your readers' support is vitally important.

As a local land trust, we have the unique capacity to bring willing partners together to find solutions. The Land Trust's ability to forge complex partnerships with property owners and public and private agencies is necessary for the future of acquiring and permanently preserving open space. Our forward-thinking approach will not only bring results, in today's leaner economic times, it is essential.

Everyone who lives in the community we serve is a large part of those partnerships, and the Land Trust depends on you.

For 20 years, the Land Trust has kept its commitment to preserve our valued wild lands as well as provide environmental education and recreational opportunities for all ages. A wonderful example is Fernandez Ranch.

After purchasing the 702-acre historic property, we promised to restore the land and open it to the public — what Gary Bogue named the Fernandez Ranch Adventure. We will fulfill that promise on June 5, when we open the restored land to the public to explore and enjoy.

Our wild lands are natural treasures that sustain abundant wildlife, lush forests, clean water, native plants and fresh air. We can't take them for granted, or they will disappear. To ensure they are here in the future, each of us must do what we can to hold onto them — for ourselves, children, grandchildren, or just because it's the right thing to do.

The opportunities are great, and the need is great. Together we can create a future we'll all want to live in. Please help us to protect our precious natural lands, to bring people and these wild places together and to sustain a healthy community now and for generations to come.

Thanks for letting your readers know we need their support. With their help, the Muir Heritage Land Trust will stay strong and continue its work to preserve our region's most beautiful open spaces forever.

Linus Eukel, Executive Director, Muir Heritage Land Trust

Dear Linus:

I'm excited that you have asked me and my wonderful readers to help the Muir Heritage Land Trust raise funds to help preserve local open spaces. Saving our dwindling open spaces is my thing.

I'm sure I speak for my readers when I say we'll do our best to help.

Let's have a fundraiser to help you preserve more of our local open spaces!

Dear readers, please join me and send a tax-deductible donation to: Muir Heritage Land Trust, "Save Our Open Spaces," P.O. Box 2452, Martinez, CA 94553.

We should be able to raise $70,000 in a couple of months, so let's pick May 9 as the target date for reaching our goal.

That's Mother's Day, and what could be more appropriate? Happy Mother's Day, Mother Earth!

We helped you save some more of our precious land!

The Land Trust will help you take care of it.

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