get involved
photo: richard gylgayton


JMLT has seven active committees comprised of volunteers and chaired by our Board members. Upon appointment, committee members provide a wealth of expertise and experience that directly applies to critical JMLT functions. Responsibilities of these committees are as follows:

  • Executive Committee — Composed of the four officers on the Board of Directors, plus one other Board member.
  • Land Acquisition Committee — Works in support of the full Board. Land acquisition priorities, funding sources for acquisitions, land acquisition transactions and services.
  • Finance Committee — Financial accountability including annual budgets, reports and audits, investment management, insurance, ensures financial system of internal controls.
  • Stewardship Committee — Manage property, monitor and enforce easement agreements, habitat protection and restoration, baseline resource documentation, maps.
  • Engagement Committee — Implement and coordinate educational programs with schools, docents and volunteers, organize and participate in JMLT programs and special events.
  • Development Committee — Work with other committees to oversee development, communications, and fundraising activities.
  • Audit Committee — Oversight and review of the audit, selection of an independent accountant.