What We Do
photo: richard gylgayton

Clean Air

JMLT’s land conservation activities sustain sustain East Bay air quality by preserving open space and providing a home to tens of thousands of trees. Further, our protected lands help mitigate the climate change impact of carbon dioxide (CO2) — the primary greenhouse gas emitted by transportation and industrial sources of air pollution. Without JMLT’s land protection successes, many of our properties would have been developed, further depleting natural resources and increasing air pollution in our area.

Saving Water

The quality and quantity of water in our region is threatened by expanding population, development, pollution and climate change. Open space with native vegetation helps maintain sources of clean water and costs less than mechanical water treatment systems. In fact, some of the world’s best drinking water is a product of the filtration processes found in natural landscapes. All of JMLT’s protected properties serve as critical watershed in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, supplying water and wildlife habitat — and contributing to an enhanced quality of life.