About Us

John Muir Land Trust’s mission is as compelling today as it was when the organization was founded 25 years ago. The institution that has grown from that original vision is extraordinary. As it has since 1989, JMLT engages with some of the most difficult issues facing our region. The Land Trust’s continuing leadership in protecting natural resources and promoting social progress grows from those historic roots.

We still believe that the vitality of our open spaces is essential to the health of our earth, air, water and our native plants and animals — and all of us. We still believe that JMLT’s protection and stewardship of our precious natural areas is the best way to ensure that those preserved lands continue to enrich and sustain all generations of life.

Our quality, reputation, and continuing relevance were built by generations of supporters. Like you, they gave because they believed JMLT’s actions and ideas were important. They gave because they thought JMLT would change the world for the better. They were right. JMLT did. And we still do.

That is why John Muir Land Trust is great. With your help that greatness will endure. And John Muir Land Trust will continue to acquire, protect, and care for the places that make the East Bay special, for generations to come. Thank you.

Linus Eukel
Executive Director
John Muir Land Trust
formerly Muir Heritage Land Trust